Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today's freebie: zipper repair

DD recently showed me how the zipper of a favorite pleather jacket was splitting every time she tried to zip it, much like the image above. I told her that I had to pick up a wool blanket from the dry cleaners and could get a quote, but warned her it'd be about $35 to replace the zipper. I got my blanket today, and spoke with the owner, who I have known for years. He took a look at it and determined that the zipper is fine, it was the zipper fob. He took a set of pliers specially made for zipper repair and somehow pinched the zipper fob closed tighter, and the zipper works perfectly. He told me that if this acts up again, he should replace the fob, at a cost of about $8. Jacket in question cost $40 new, so that would be fine. Nice freebie! : )

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young77 said...

thanks for the zipper repair lesson. I have a floor-length fleece robe and the zipper splits. So I will give it a try. I don't have a new warm robe in the budget so I hope this works.