Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Today's freebie: medical care

Saw my allergist today, having some residual symptoms since getting sick a few weeks ago, and this was an already scheduled, annual check up with him. Since we already met our deductible until July 1 of 2014, as long as they provider is in plan, this MD visit cost me $0. I also asked about and received my annual flu shot while I was there. Additionally, they e-mailed in 3 RX's (3 month supply each) to my new mail order company, saving me time, postage. Again, my cost will be $0 as the deductible was met. Finally, MD gave me the sample above, which is a new formulation of the 2 (I use generics now) RX nasal sprays I take. I had priced out switching to this all in one, combo RX-it would have cost me $500 more/year, so I passed. I'll use the freebie up in the meantime.

So, allergist is off my list. Dermatologist will be next.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Getting your flu shot from your allergist was a good idea. My next regular dr. appt is a month away and I didn't want to wait that long so I got mine at the grocery store today. AFTER I signed all the paperwork, they mentioned there would be about a 20minute wait. The actual wait was more like 35 minutes. Not my idea of the best way to spend my time, but I've had the shot now so it's done for another year. It's getting sore a bit, as well. I seem to remember it was sore last year too.