Saturday, October 12, 2013

Today's clothing bargain

Fall is definitely here in CT, even though today's temperatures are skirting 70 degrees. Night time has found temperatures dipping into the 40's. Living in a stone cottage that is poorly insulated and over a crawlspace for most of the home, means it's chilly. First step to being comfortable is to wear layers. One of my favorite go to pieces is a L L Bean, pull over fleece, with mock turtleneck. Warm and fuzzy. Perfect.

I was thrilled today, to come across a blue one at Salvation Army

Better yet, it was a pink tagged item, so I got it at 50% off so $1.50 out the door. It's in excellent condition and has just been laundered and machine dried (my preference for thrift shop finds). It appears that LL Bean no longer makes this style of fleece but I can easily assume that it was retailing for $50.

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