Saturday, October 26, 2013

Taking Kohl's up on their offer aka "today's freebie"

  • Subtotal : $83.47
  • Kohl's Cash Applied ( details ) : - $60.00
  • Total Shipping : $10.95
  • Total Tax : $0.70
  • Total : $35.12
  • Kohl's cash applied (Merchandise Offer) : -$60.00

I am taking Kohl's up on their offer, using the $60 in Kohl's cash I recently earned after buying my Cuisinart Food processor and the wrong paddle for my Kitchen Aid mixer. I would like to finish my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving when the madness starts. I am done with 2 kidlets, am actively working on finishing up the other 2. Additional remaining items will be to pick up a GC for Mom, and some stocking stuffers (necessitates a trip to Xpect Discounts as well as the dollar store, with coupons in hand). My goal is then to relax and enjoy the season, quietly sewing at home, baking. : )

Kohl's is also having a sale on jeans (just when did Men's jeans escalate to $64 for non designer jeans?  Long gone are my $12 Levi's from the 1970's!) I was able to order originally $44 jeans on sale for $25.99, AND order a Cuisinart stick blender, using my $60 Kohl's cash. My goal was to get the stick blender free (normally $39, on sale for $31.49) and apply any balance to the tax, shipping (since my order would drop below the required $75 for free shipping)and apply any surplus towards kidlet's jeans. 

Bottom line:
Cuisinart stick blender: $0.00
2 pairs jeans: $35.17 or $17.58/pair. Now I DO like those prices! : )


Anonymous said...

Did you check out "Retail Me Not" before you ordered?

According to them, you could have got an additional 15% off and free shipping (no minimum order required) by using a/the code specified.

CTMOM said...

I would have had free shipping IF my order was over $75 after applying the discount. Also, 15% off if you spend over $100 OR is using a Kohls card, which I don't have. Thanks for letting me know about their recent incentives. I used them to acquire my new Cuisinart FP, and since I "earned" the $60 in Kohl's cash, I was able to also order (today) a free to me stick blender, to replace the old one that broke a few years ago. still quite happy with $under $18 jeans. : )