Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Taking advantage of promotions

Pictured are the L L Bean, Wicked Good, sheerling lined slippers that we have used for years, to help keep our feet nice and toasty in the colder months. Living with wood floors in a stone cottage over mostly uninsulated crawl space, makes these ever more desireable. Several of us are literally wearing out our slippers and mine are included on that list. I ordered some things from LL Bean last night for college boy for Christmas, while they still have a good selection in stock. Come another month, this may not be the case. Knowing that they were also running a promotion that if you spent $X a $10 voucher would be sent, I willingly ordered those items for Christmas now. I had anticipated receipt of my voucher via mail, as they have done in the past. I was surprised to see it arrive as an email today. Great.
I used this $10 voucher to drop the price down for these pricey slippers, to $59:

Total Before Savings:
Promotional Gift Card:

1 item in Bag:
Shipping and Handling:


So , while these are a splurge item, we consider them a necessity, as a means to keeping our energy costs down, if possible.  These are part of my upcoming birthday gift to myself, so no worries as far as my budget is concerned. 


renee said...

Does LL BEAN not replace worn out things anymore?

CTMOM said...

yes, LLBean does replace items. If defective, such as the zipper on my 2 month old quilted vest, I'd definitely return that. Worn out, probably 3 maybe 4 year old slippers? no, that is not something I'd ask to have replaced.