Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday supper: roast chicken

Pulled out the 79 cents/lb loss leader chicken I picked up in August, for tonight's supper. I will be cooking this "rotiserie style" in the Crock Pot. Sides are a box of gifted to me (from this Summer as well) brocoli-rice-orzo mix, organic Butternut squash, home made cranberry sauce, a green salad with choice of dressings.

Here's the recipe that I use, from Finding Joy in my Kitchen:

Now set in the Crock Pot, the house should start smelling wonderful!

And here is my dinner plate. It was delicious!

Naturally, the carcass was deboned and simmered overnight, creating almost 2 quarts of chicken stock (some to be used Tuesday, the rest on Sat for soup) and enough planned over chicken for Tuesday's supper.

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