Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stop and Shop deals today

DD and I headed over to Stop and Shop this morning, taking advantage of numerous deals including the following: 2 pkgs marked down rolls, Sara lee snack cakes, 2 smaller bottles of coffee creamer, 1 microwave container of crab/corn chowder, 4 lbs Domino sugar, 8 o'clock flavored coffee (our Sunday treat), Fl crystals sugar, 2 pkgs Kame udon noodles, 2 bags peanut M & M's, 1 bag Melita flavored coffee, 4 boxes of maked down store brand large stuffing noodles (haven't bought any in a long time due to cost), 3 lb box of store brand marked down spaghetti, 4 canisters of marked down gum for Xmas stockings, 8 cans store brand green beans, 8 cans store brand potatoes, 3 100 oz bottles of Tide (normally a $47.37 value, I paid $25.97 or the equivalent of $4.33/50 oz bottle, with my go to price for that size being $5. Doing college boy's laundry has reminded me that sometimes, the better/stronger detergents are needed)-phenomenal deal on that, 6 pk Dove with shea butter, large bottle of Vaseline lotion for DD to take to work (Purell is drying out her hands), 2 pkgs Ball Park beef franks,

3 count pkg of marked down chuck blade steaks, 2 almost 2 lb pkgs marked down ground beef, 1 marked down pkg of Ital sweet sausage,  2 qts chocolate Almond breeze, buttercup squash, dumpling squash, 2 bags of pistachios (Xmas again),

2 5 lb bags of organic Russets @ 99 each marked down,
An AWESOME deal: Bumble Bee 2 serving shrimp dinners sell for $9.99, on sale @ $7.99, used $2 off couponS so each were now $5.99 then I used a $1 off anything store coupon so $5.49 or $11 for an entire shrimp dinner for 4 (sure add cheapo rice/pasta, a veg) still a much cheaper than a restaurant dinner deal. Salmon burgers: normally $7.99 for 4, on sale @ $3.99, plus a 75 cent coupon applied on top, bringing 4 salmon burgers down to $3.24, great deal-just add home made tartar sauce, rolls, and a side of some sort-done!

 2 pkgs Bumble Bee shrimp with garlic and lemon-frn dinners, 1 box fzn Seapack salmon burgers. I also picked up 2 gift cards while I was there, for my Xmas gift shopping. Spend $126.34 on groceries, saved $44.65 with coupons). House is full, we don't plan on shopping in any big way until perhaps mid Dec.

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Anonymous said...

I love a good markdown find. I managed to stock up on a large amount of chicken and turkey today. Hopefully if used wisely it should last us into March or April