Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sometimes, needs sneak up on you

Friday was my once a month deep cleaning by The Maids, a luxury turned necessity due to my hands, shoulder. Well worth the money, as I can easily afford this service by pinching back in other areas. One task that they do, is to strip and remake the beds. Great (hard task for me the remaining 3 weeks of the month). I went to take out the spare flannel sheets for the 3 kid's beds, only to find that I didn't have a complete set for one of the beds. Hmm . . . . ...appears that DD took one of the "boy's sets" and this is why we came up short. Toss in that the top sheet to one of the sets was wearing thin, and became a doorway curtain. So, one kidlet ended up with a flannel bottom sheet and pillow case, cotton top sheet. Flannel twin bed sheets went on today's "to find" list. I knew that I would be out and about, and able to readily hit Savers, which I did, coming across several possible sets, but finally settling on the brand new but out of package set of dusty pink (not muted as in the photo, but not an 80's rose either), with a ruffle on the case and top sheet. 100% Turkish cotton, these were originally sold at Target,

based on the "shabby chic" tag.  Now freshly washed and machine dried (my preference for second hand items when they come into our home). This photo better shows the actual color.

 $5.99 for the set. No complaints here. : )


Anonymous said...

I wouldnt have any complaints about that price either!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

My DD was telling me last week that her bottom fitted sheets keep wearing out or ripping and she now has 3 TOP sheets. I suggested that a top sheet could be used for a bottom sheet by tucking in the corners, but that is not acceptable, apparently. So I am hunting for queen fitted although I didn't find time to go to Goodwill this week. If I find a couple, they will make a nice Christmas gift! She would prefer new, but might not get them.