Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sewing post

 Saturday's errands included a return trip to Savers, as the pair of athletic socks I bought were Youth sized, not adult, as is needed for college boy. One nice thing about Savers, is the ability to return items for store credit that day/exchange, as long as it's done within 7 days. I came across this vintage, brand new, Christmas fabric. The green is a 3 yard piece with the original tag still on. Back in the day, I am guessing circa 1970's, this cost $1.99/yard. I paid $2.99 for each of these fabrics. I suspect that the other (looks also to be 3 yards) fabric hails from the same store as the green.
 This was from Woolwoth's of all places. After the credit for the socks, I spent $4.24 out the door.
 My next stop was Jo-Ann fabrics, where I bought this really cute, Monkey print fleece to sew some pajama pants for kidlet # 4, whose Christmas list was slim, and who is kind of picky. I know that these will go over well. Originally, this 2 yard piece of 59 " fabric would have cost $25.98, but they had a 50% off sale so that brought it down to $12.98
I also grabbed this bag pattern for Christmas sewing projects (not on sale) as well as 2 spools of white, Coats and Clark thread. For years, I have used inherited thread, thrift shop thread, and remain stunned at the cost of thread now. Just when did it his $$3.29/250 yard spool? Thud. At least I was able to pay for the thread in a separate transaction, using a 50% off all thread coupon. Additionally, since I am an educator, as long as I have some school related ID (my Union card in this case), I can get a 15% discount as well (excluding coupon offers). This brought the pattern down to $2.54 and the monkey fleece to $11.44, so I spent $18.41 total at Jo-Ann's.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

I like the Gutermann's thread (doesn't twist and break as easily) and I REALLY pay attention to when it's on sale to buy it. Notions can rachet up the price of a garment in no time flat these days. I also check Goodwill for such things, which I often find there. Yarn ends can make good "ribbon" for gifts, as well as serve little girls for hair ribbons! A big spool of red/green/white variegated thick yarn has lasted me about 10 years!