Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday soup!

 Inspiration for tonight's soup: the former coffee can (look* it actually has METAL sides!) turned into storage canister for my lentils.
 The rest of a large onion, 1 large parsnip, some celery hearts, the rest of a bag of sale priced, organic carrots
 2 different batches of home made chicken stock, and the reserved fat that collected on top (used to fry off the soup vegetables). I ended up only using the fuller jar of stock, adding 2 qts of water in addition
 Chopped vegetables ready to fry off
 Rinsed the lentils, waiting to go into the soup pot with the stock
Some organic, chopped parsley and 2 beef hotdogs that I cut into slices. I started dumping this into the soup pot when I realized that I didn't take a picture.

Supper's ready! We won't eat for a while, I have to get DD from work, so it's set on simmer for now. One of the perks of cast iron, it stays warm for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

I love lentil soup!