Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not a surprise, it is what it is . . .

I should call this post, 'Oh, my aching feet!" instead. A few weeks ago, my feet started hurting, specifically I noted a bump at the base of my big toes, and this was reddened. Gout? a bunion? arthritis in my feet? Increasingly painful, my shoe selection became more and more limited (can't stand to wear my New Balance sneakers), and I typically only wear comfortable shoes. With a high pain tolerance, I know that if a painful condition continues, it is something that I need to investigate. I had to wait a few days, but was finally able to get in to see a foot orthopedist, who is in the same practice as my hand/shoulder orthopedist. Great. A history was taken (I've had 2 bouts with plantar faciaitus-sp?) in the past, but beyond that, nothing of note. Clearly not PF again, so just what IS going on? An exam followed by multiple X-rays-diagnosis: hallux rigidus aka arthritis of the joint at the base of each big toe. Sigh . . not cancer, so keep it in perspective. Now my feet will match my hands in the issues department. Not much I can do, keep wearing the multiple pairs of

Dansko clogs that I already own (thanks again to the PF of years back), and once the pain becomes unbearable (or I "hit the wall" as I like to put it), then the bone spurs can be surgically removed. I'd definitely get a second opinion before I consider this, however. Interesting that my left foot is worse than my right, as I am right side dominant. Another consideration to keep in mind as I figure out when I should sell/trade in my standard car for an automatic (back doc also recommended this). The good news is that since we hit the high deductible already, this MD visit, including Xrays, shouldn't cost me anything. Additionally, I already own the shoes the MD is recommending that I limit myself to. Since moving myself back into these clogs, on my own prior to seeing the MD, I am more comfortable.

Some days, I just feel like I am falling apart!


j said...

I love my Danskos!!!!!!! They are the only shoe I have worn at work for every and I use my older ones when I go outside!

We have a great cobbler(not the elves) who I take them two once a year or so who puts in new insoles and checks the stitching.

Sorry about your toes :(

Debbie said...

I have the same problem. I was having constant pain in my feet (I'm a RN and always on my feet at work), and previous history of planter facitis. I went to the foot doc two months ago for pain which I couldn't tolerate. I had xrays, worked up for arthritis (which I have in my hips and feet), and found I have the same hallux diagnosis. They gave me a cortisone injection (which helped immensely), and recommended Aleve 500 mg twice a day as needed. I hope you find some relief.

CTMOM said...

I had cortizone injections for plantar facitis and for my OA of the CMC joint. Hurts like hell for a few days, then the pain switch is turned off. Heaven! Sadly, it later returns with the same vengeance in my experience. I am hesitant to use cortizone now, as it can start up arthritis in a predisposed patient. Danskos are helping me immensely, as is Advil. My next stop is the hip orthopedist for a confirmation (self diagnosis) that I also now have arthritis bilaterally in my hips.