Sunday, October 20, 2013

Next winterization project on a budget: the powder room window

 I think of the powder room as being mostly blue, due to the baby blue trimmed mirror over the sink, the blue accent roses on the wall sconces that flank the mirror. Walls are offwhite, as it the woodwork, and the floor is a mixture of slate (I am guessing that it was once a porch as well)
 When we moved here, I fashioned a curtain set by cutting down a Country Curtains panel that I had, but somehow got stained in storage. The panel has green, blue, cranberry flowers and a green stripe on a cream background. This was an easy task, provides us privacy, as this is a front of the house facing window. Great.  As with the rest of the house, it can get cold, and although I made a draft dodger out of repurposed wool for the bottom of the window (behind the curtain). The window still remains an energy suck, so time to make improvements, but at as little cost, if not no cost, if at all possible. I decided that we'd keep the valence up for decorative purposes, but I'd remove the cafe curtain during Winter/cold months. I'll reuse the tension rod and use it to suspend an insulated panel, much like what I made for the living room library wall windows. I still have plenty of old mattress pads available, and needed to turn to my fabric stash to find something that would coordinate, if possible.
Here is an upclose shot of the Country Curtains fabric that I repurposed. I was able to find a large enough piece of woven blue fabric that was gifted to me at some point. This should do nicely.

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