Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Saturday Shoprite run

On Saturday, I went to Shoprite for some fabulous deals, with the mindset of replenishing the freezer/pantry as well as getting items for the Winter. Here's what I got: 4 2 L bottles soda, 2 boxes Ronzoni Garden penne pasta, 2 boxes Mueller's penne pasta, 1 boz Ronzoni healthy harvest spaghetti, canister Ovaltine, 2 cans Libby pineapple chunks, 3 cans low salt Popeye's spinach, 1 bag No yolks dumplings, 1 20 ct box Finish dishwasher tabs, 8 bottles Purex detergent, 1 bag Purex detergent pouches, 1 frozen Hotel style turkey breast @ 99/lb, 1 bag Ocean Spray fresh cranberries, 4 each SR shredded Mozzarella and Mozzarella with Provolone, 1 bag of Deli cheese ends (Provolone and Swiss), 2 tubs Country Crock Simply delicious soft margarine, 1 Chobani Greek yogurt, 4 large jugs Tropicana OJ, Deli counter store brand turkey breast, Turkey hill ice cream, 2 bags each of Hanover frozen plain vegetables: black beans, sweet peas, broccoli florettes, mixed vegetables, 1 large bottle Suave lotion, 2 Mennen stick deodorants.
 the only produce I bought, set aside for Thanksgiving, and used a $1 off coupon!
 Plain, frozen vegetables, including black beans-a nice convenience item
 Yet another hotel turkey breast @ 99/lb-great go to price, one will certainly grace our Thanksgiving table this year. Sausage was used for Sunday breakfast
 Taxables, combining sales plus coupons and a rebate on the dishwasher tabs (see separate post)
Dairy/frozen dairy deals highlight OJ, cheese this week

I saved $19.25 in coupons towards the items underlined, as well as bag refunds. I will also receive another $3.99 back for a full rebate on the dishwasher tabs I bought.  Subtract $3.17 for the deodorants, which will be stocking stuffers, and I am out of pocket for groceries $ 88.43. A great trip.


DW said...

How much are cranberries going for in your area?

CTMOM said...

DW-main franchise stores $2.50, discount stores $1.50 and $1.69. I used a $1 of coupon which brought these down to $1.50. Great price.