Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More making do and mending

College boy stopped by last night, and later returned after work, which ended @ 10 p.m. He had something to eat, hung out with DD, and ended up crashing on my couch, something that he does upon occassion. Pictured above are the jeans that I had previously mended, with the sewn seam coming apart. After washing them and machine drying them this morning (everything else is being line dried), I set to fixing these pants.
After sewing the seam back shut, I crafted a patch over the area, using some of the denim trimmings I saved from other recent jean mending jobs that I have done for him.
The right rear pocket had previously been reinforced and the material has now become weak-another patch from the denim scraps.
These jeans are more patches than material it seems. I recall fixing this leg, following a wipe out while long boarding.  New jeans are most definitely on his Christmas list!

 I have been after college boy to take care of his boots, bought ON SALE around Christmas 2 years ago, for $249 plus tax. I first applied a thick coat of Cavalier leather balm, which just soaked into the dry leather.  I let them set a bit before polishing this off.
 Next: a thick application of black shoe polish, using about 1/2 of a small tin of polish. Now buffed with a horsehair polishing brush, these look pretty good. I should have taken a before picture. These need to last at least another year if possible. College boy was pleased, and I reminded him that he has to take care of his things.
My loafers also got a polish. Noted that these need to go to the cobbler, as the thin heel is wearing down.


Anonymous said...

How funny I just posted on my blog about "sprucing" up my work shoes! I thought I might be the only crazy person who does this! Great job on extending the life of items... the small things really do add up!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

You can still FIND a cobbler? Both the ones I used while I was working have gone out of business or moved elsewhere. I haven't found one anywhere near here since I retired 12 years ago. Of course, I need less now, but still!

CTMOM said...

Marcia-Absolutely! there is one in the town south of me, one in the town north of me, and one in the city north of the northern town. 3 immediately come to mind and I know from coworkers in other towns/cities, that others do exist. : )

Carol in CT

CTMOM said...

I just did a google search, and quickly found 10, and some that I mentioned weren't even included!,Fairfield,+CT&ei=R65MUsDGMYzs9ATkxoGIBQ&ved=0CL8BELYD

Anonymous said...

It amazes me what boys do to jeans! Or the fact that my son managed to break at least one belt loop on each pair of his dress pants.

I usually try and take my work shoes to the cobbler(yes we still have a cobbler to). They are expensive shoes and the shines them, replaces the insoles and stiches up anything that needs fixing. This way I can usually make them last at least 5 years

Brenda Ramone said...

You seem to get so much done. Do you make lists or are you a get it done now and over with type of person?

CTMOM said...

type A personality here, lots of energy (most days!). Depending upon what I have going on, yes I do make lists. This was a case of my being able to get my hands on college boys clothes, and address some needs for him. trying to bide him some time (clothes wise) until Christmas.
: )

BlissfulButterfly said...

I hope your son is thankful that you do these things for him. :) I don't remember my mom ever shining my shoes for me or mending my clothes. She did make some of my clothes when I was little, but as I grew older I had to start doing everything for myself.

CTMOM said...

Yes, College boy is very thankful and appreciative.He knows that I no longer have to do these types of things for him. Long story short, it's an easy solution to a complex issue so, Mom's helping.

: )