Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mid month already, so time to plan next month's menus, check what is on hand, how the pantry and freezer ingredients are doing.  Here's the plan for November:

2-split pea soup
3-roast whole chicken, rice pilaf mix,  butternut squash, cranberry sauce
4-salmon cakes, buttered veggie noodles, beets
5-Planned overs: chicken tacos on soft tortillas, corn
7-baked ziti with marinara and cheese, salad
9-clam chowder
10-herb crusted eye of the round, baked potatoes, mixed vegetables
11-broiled salmon fillets, rice, peas
12-Planned overs: stroganoff, beets
14-spaghetti with homemade meatballs (fzn) in homemamde marinara, 3 bean salad
15-beet battered Swai, oven fries, cole slaw
16-birthday dinner out, TBD
17-meatloaf (use fzn ground beef-turkey), mashed potatoes, green/wax beans
18-horseradish encrusted Tilapia, Basmati rice, carrots
19-lazy golumbki casserole (use fzn ground beef)
21-baked chicken drums, egg noodles, squash
23-beef-barley soup
24-early Thanksgiving dinner
25-creamed tuna over rice, peas
26-CP beef stew
28- mini Thanksgiving, round 2
30-turkey soup

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young77 said...

What a great list of menu items. I'm going to copy & paste in my recipe folder so if I get stuck it will be a great resource. Thanks.

Also, the sewing projects are awesome. Maybe I'll dig out my 1956 Singer!