Saturday, October 12, 2013

Making improvements over last year's efforts

Last year, in an effort to make this drafty home more cozy, I fashioned some curtains to cover the huge openings between the living room and L shaped porch which was an office then, and dining room:

It wasn't perfect, but I was using supplies on hand (2 sets of Queen sized, flannel sheets that had seen better days). It helped, it worked.

Fast forward and I wanted to improve on these makeshift curtains, especially as DD is now using what was the office as her bedroom, at least for now. Once Winter hits, she will most likely bunk with me. My goals:
-place the curtains on rings with clips so that they can easily be slid open, allowing DD to enter/exit her room easily
-make a better panel to cover the opening between the living room and dining room, especially as the material used last year, didn't completely cover one corner of the opening.
-use the thick, spun polyester batting style mattress pad that I had used last year to cover the large window in my bedroom, which now has insulating panels covering it.
-try to better coordinate these make do curtains

As with most of my decorating efforts in this rental, I am only investing in items that I can take with me, that most likely will be used in my next home.

Here's a close up of the rings with clamps. I had originally bought them to use in what was the office.

The full view of the curtain.

 The other side of the couch has a mint green, flannel panel curtain, again on rings
Here's the panel that I made this afternoon, using the spun polyester batting that was originally a mattress pad, and making 2 side panels out of the leaf print, flannel sheet material. This spun polyester is a great insulator, so I know that this will be a big improvement.  (Pardon the messy desk!)

So, another home project completed, and at zero out of pocket cost to me. Bonus is that I can easily reuse this spun polyester in my next place. I refuse to cut it, instead choosing to make a hem to contain the excess fabric, to ensure that I will have a larger piece down the road, should I need it.

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Nutbird said...

I've had pretty good results with the window plastic from Home Depot. You tape the plastic on the windows and shrink the plastic to fit with a hair dryer. I had bad drafts. The plastic was so effective that I left a lot of it up in the summer. Sometimes you can find these packages in thrift stores. Ann