Saturday, October 5, 2013

Make do and mend today

 Washing the sheets today, DD discovered that the corner of the bottom sheet on one of her brother's bed, has a torn seam. No worries, get it washed and dried first.
 Literally less than a minute with the sewing machine . .
It's as good as new. We try to keep our things going as long as possible.

 Yet another worn area starting on a pair of college boy's jeans. These were actually gifted to him from my Dad's closet, when he passed away. He got them practically brand new a few years ago, so I'll consider these to be his "nice jeans." In order to stop the wear from spreading, it's time to place a discreet patch on the area to extend the life of the jeans.
More of the reserved jean material that was recently cut off of his other jeans (good to use as it's more faded) became the newly fashioned patch. Just a few minutes of my time, using what is on hand. It's all good as CB would say!

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