Monday, October 14, 2013

How I use it up

 Officially, this is tonight's menu: oven baked chicken drums, a rice pilaf mix I tried from Aldi's (won't buy again-it was bland), fzn mixed vegetables.
 On my plate, you also find some leftover buttered brussel sprouts
while on DD's, there is some orange glazed acorn squash.

I ended up deciding that one drum was enough for me, so the rest of the rice mix, the rest of the brussel sprouts and mixed veggies, along with my second chicken drum are all packed away for my lunch tomorrow. As of lunch tomorrow, it's all gone. : )

Naturally, after supper I placed the broth from the baking dish, along with the bones and skin (removed before anyone touched it) and added some water. I simmered this for one hour.

This was strained and became almost 1 quart of "free" chicken stock:

Avoiding food waste. It's a good thing!

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