Sunday, October 13, 2013

How do you take care of your shopping bags?

I did  ton of wash yesterday, including washing all of my cloth grocery bags. Now dried, I inspected them for wear, and found 2 that need some attention, so they now await me on one of my sewing machines. A minute to restitch these bags goes a long way towards extending their usefulness. Eventually, they may become patched or I double one inside the other (using 2 with holes/worn areas) and stitch them together to reinforce the material, creating one, strong bag. The bulk of my bags were given to me, freebies/promotions or I made them. I don't plan on buying any bags any time soon, so making these last as long as possible is my plan.

How often do you launder your bags? Do you mend/repair yours?


Marcia in rural WNY said...

I get so many bags, there is no shortage of bags available here. I haven't had to mend any so far and my oldest ones are somewhere around 20 years old now. However, I have so many they don't individually get a lot of wear. I leave a bunch in my car trunk and just grab what I need. I only paid for about 4 bags 20 years ago--they rest have all come from various seminars, conventions, or as mail gifts from charities who want me to support them--and some, I do give to.
If they needed mending, they would certainly get it but so far it hasn't been necessary. I keep trying to give some to DD and DGD but they claim they have enough of their own.
I don't have a regular schedule for laundering them, just toss them in with the regular wash when I notice they are looking grungy or when something spills or melts, etc.
I use them when traveling too. Before motels were into the free breakfast thing, we had a "breakfast bag" on trips with our bowls, cereal and spoons wrapped in a couple dish towels--carried milk in a small cooler. That saved us a million over the years--but now most places offer breakfast and we make sure to stay at a place that does. Another bag will carry shoes so as not to dirty clothing in the suitcase, and I have a special bright orange shoulder bag which is my right hand on trips---it contains my snacks, pills, maps and guide books as well as reading material for waiting intervals. Snacks for the trip usually include a box of crackers that we both like and some kind of chocolate candy---those two things cover most "emergency" cravings for salt or sugar or just food in general and take up little space. We love road trips, have taken a number of 3 week long ones, and have this down to something of a science now! On a really long trip, PB & J and a loaf of bread might be included--fruit purchased along the way. More than once I've made sandwiches in a traffic hold up.

DW said...

I've laundered a few ... one of them became significantly smaller ... I'm a bit worried about putting the rest in the washer because of the fabric .. not sure it will hold up.

Haven't had much mending .. though did have to tape the plastic insert back together on one of them.

j said...

I try to wash them at least every three months. And believe me many of them are patched but now I have gone outside the ones I have gotten for free and pretty much use all kinds of bags I have including backpacks. A bag is a bag at all the stores I go to

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

I throw mine in the washer most weeks and yes, I mend them too.
I'm always surprised at how few people in the queue at the supermarket don't have their own, reusable bags.

Nancy said...

I wash them about once every couple of months or so depending on how dirty they look. Older bags that may have holes etc. get pressed into service to store out of season clothing or unbreakable holiday decorations.