Friday, October 11, 2013

Great deal at Kohl's

I took advantage of a sale promotion at Kohl's this afternoon, and treated myself to an early birthday gift: a new food processor, and a new mixing paddle for my KA mixer. I had ordered one along with some Christmas gifts, but somehow selected the wrong one, it is MUCH too small for my KA mixer, so I will return that to my local store.

Meanwhile, I am awaiting the arrival of a Cuisinart 14 cup food processor, having beat 2 other branded ones over the past 26 years (I think that they were both Hamilton Beach). My current one literally has to be held in a certain position in order to run, the blade is dull, it's seen better days. With my hand issues, machines like these are a must in my kitchen.

I should get my new FP in about a week; it was already on sale, PLUS I applied a 20% off sale promotion (In total getting $150 off the regular price), getting free shipping (but was charged $7.50 surcharge due to it's weight I am sure), PLUS $60 in Kohl's cash that I plan on using towards a stick immersion blender.

A milestone birthday this year, so I can treat myself, knowing that the CC charges will be paid off in full, as usual.
: )


DW said...

Happy early birthday! Sounds like you did good. (and a good food processor is well worth the $$).

young77 said...

You are amazing! I'm learning soooo much from you. I'm going to check out our local Salvation Army and a church's thrift shop I spotted the other day. I'm 78 and on a fixed SS budget. Never too late to learn.