Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting ready for my next Winterization sewing project

 My next project for the house will be to address the kitchen sink windows that leak terribly, although this room remains the warmest due to cooking, running the dish washer and sitting over the furnace down cellar. Pictured in the baby blue bags in front of the sink area are the 2, heavy duty tension rods that I bought today at WM, not my favorite store, but an affordable source for curtain rods, amongst other things. Each rod cost me just over $7 with tax. I don't mind investing in these as I can certainly use these in my next home.
 Here's a close up of the Waverly fabric panel that I had cut down to make into a valence. Pretty blues and yellows which match this kitchen very nicely.
 To the left of the sink are the 2 curtained cabinets for food stuffs, which I made out of a repurposed yellow and white gingham cafe curtain I was gifted at some point. Matches well, doesn't clash with the floral valence.
Here are the materials I dug out of my stash to make this next insulating curtain panel. An old, quilted mattress pad, and some new, yellow fabric that I suspect was gifted to me. This cut fabric is just slightly bigger than what my finished curtain panel will be, so this is almost perfect. I may cut it down or simply make wider than usual seams. So another freebie project is now in the wings . .love it when it works out like that!

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