Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gathering material for an upcoming Fall project

This morning, I stopped in at a church thrift shop in the city, with the intention of getting some fabric to work into a Fall themed table runner and also for a red/green Christmas runner. Pictured are the fabric pieces I came back with. Most will be used in the Fall runner, except for the pinecone fabric. One piece was marked 50 cents, while the rest were in a bucket marked 5 cents per piece. Although it totaled 85 cents, since the cashier didn't want to break a $10, as I didn't have quite enough in coins, she asked me how much I had in coins, which was 74 cents, and told me that was fine. So, 74 cents it was.

I also picked up this men's shirt at Salvation Army:

It is muted in the photo, but has brown, green, yellow and beige paisleys on a creamy white background.

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