Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dollar tree trip today

Since it was right next door, we hit Dollar Tree today. Picked up 3 more boxes tissues (used $1 off cpn), 2 refill bottles of liquid hand soap (we are out completely of refill as well as cheap bubble bath/shower gel-all that we water down. I was prepared to switch back to bar soap, but had a $1/2 bottles coupon), a pair of sleep socks to tuck away for DD at Christmas, 3 Thanksgiving cards (love 50 cents vs almost $5 at the regular stores for cards).


slugmama said...

I haven't bought a card at the hellmark, drug store or similar store in ages(except for a couple of cards I got for free last year at Rite-Aid). The $ store rocks for cards!

Anonymous said...

I am with slugmama and you. The Dollar(Tree)store is the way to go. I do buy cards at CVS when they offer the $3 reward bucks when you buy 3 cards. $.99 cards ARE included in this offer. I buy them for work (we need/use sympathy and thank you cards regularly) so I get reimbursed the $3 and I earn $3 in rewards. :) Win/win for me.