Saturday, October 5, 2013

CSA 2013 # 18

AKA "That's all folks!"-ever increasingly a disappointment. Pictured is this week's share, minus the non edible gourds that were once again part of the share offering. : (

I had emailed last week, about missing Delicata squash, and received a follow up response advising that we'd be doubling up on the squash this week, a ton of it is coming, etc. Note only one squash is pictured.

I was also surprised to see a note stating that next week will be the last week. We had previously been advised that 4 weeks would be added to the program this year to ensure that all produce gets harvested. That would bring us out another 2 weeks. Weather has been warm, not cold, so I so not understand this. I have inquired about this as well.

So, I sent yet another email, this time clearly expressing my ever growing disappointment with this CSA, noting that we made the decision to go with them, based on the list of vegetables grown, as well as the photos posted on their website, which are supposed to depict the actual weekly shares over the past 2 seasons. In comparing what is posted as this year's shares with my own photos, some weeks are significantly off! So, hopefully our former, beloved, organic CSA will open up again for next year, if not, I will take my dollars over to the Farmer's market for organic produce.

This new to us CSA was not a good decision.

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