Saturday, October 19, 2013

Christmas shopping on a budget

 I reviewed my expenditures to date for Christmas, tallied how much I had left to spend and created a list of ideas for gifts, most of which are outright practical this year. Since I was in Savers looking for a set of sheets, I checked out what they had to see if I could cross off any items from my list. I was able to get a like new, black, leather belt for DS # 2 for $3.18 with tax. Perfect.
I also came across 2 pairs of new, Stafford (JCPenny's label) brand, 100 5 cotton flannel sleep PJ's for my DS's # 2 & # 3. $5.31 each after tax.

I also managed to find 2 pairs of low on the ankle, Puma brand, wicking athletic socks for the same boys above.  $2.12 after tax for each.

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