Sunday, October 6, 2013

Christmas 2013 update

 This is NOT my idea of holiday s. Too stress-full, too crowded, people fighting and pushing to get in front of you-UGH! Not to mention the pressure to overspend . .
So, I set aside $ every month for our annual celebration, which includes a set figure for the 5 people that I gift, monies for holiday foods (ham and shrimp), a live tree, etc. I strive to stay within if not under my budget.

One trick I have to majorly de-stress the upcoming holiday, is to complete any on site shopping in stores before Thanksgiving. So no, I will not be one of those lining up for Black Friday shopping. I've already made a good dent in my shopping, and have also done the trick on shopping on line, taking advantage of free shipping promotions at both L L Bean and Kohl's (this morning). I also generated a list of what I think I will purchase for the remaining gifts, and will make a plan on when I will go to specific shops to do so. I typically hit the stores bright and early, in an effort to avoid the crowds. I try to coordinate these stops/trips with other errands, thereby saving gas and time.

So just how do I spent the normally hectic period between Thanksgiving and Christmas? We decorate the house, using on hand items, we'll decorate the live tree, listen to holiday music (local radio station plays nothing but holiday music during this time frame), bake some cookies. Evenings and weekends will find me hand crafting some items, alongside DD who plans on knitting some gifts this year. I have some stockings to make for the kids, having purchased the fabrics (on sale, using promotional coupons) last year, knowing that I wouldn't have the time to make them for Christmas 2012 but that they would be for 2013 instead.

The "plan of attack" is set, it's a divide and conquer theme but in the end, it helps me to accomplish what I want to, within my specific time frame, and in a way that will allow me to enjoy this upcoming season, and not be anxious over it. It will once again be a simple Christmas with my children, but that is what it's all about anyway.


Anonymous said...

We are aiming for the same thing. I love to shop early and then actually have time to enjoy the season!

Anonymous said...

I try to do most of my holiday shopping before Thanksgiving as well. Although, last year I did venture out around 9 am on Black Friday. I made 8 or 9 different stops (not all were BF related) and was home by noon. The "good" news is that the few things I really wanted, were not doorbusters. The fact that the stores are opening earlier and earlier for the doorbuster items, once you reach normal opening time, the stores aren't nearly as crowded.

DW said...

I am not a fan of running from store to store. Been picking things up as I go, but I plan to finish up by shopping online. Much better for my sanity.

(Speaking of online, I don't know if you have a Discover card, but it's offering a 5% rebate for online shopping through the end of the year.)