Thursday, October 17, 2013

A day of freebies

 After a stop at the library to check out some books, I came home to these 2 boxes in the mailbox.
 Inside: 4 maxi pads, 4 liners and 2, $1/1 pkg coupons.
 On the way home from work today, I connected with a blog reader, who gifted DD with this plastic tub
 filled with yarn! She is set for crafting for Christmas. Nice!
 I also was gifted from this same blog reader: some fabrics that I am calling Xmas fabrics, which I may use for an upcoming table runner project
 and 5 yards of reindeer fabric. Where to start?  A nice problem to have!
 2 cotton Christmas cut outs to make stockings. I like angels so this is fitting. I just may end up making myself a stocking as well this year!
Finally, some additional fabrics that I am calling upcoming quilt fabric, as well as a pair of jeans (for the scrap denim) and a cherry red, cotton crew sweater-not sure what I can do with that. I'll have to troll the 'Net. Very thoughtful and generous of this blog fan.

Thank you again. : )


happeningswithLana said...

Nice fabrics. Love the deer one.

Nutbird said...

Let me know what colors you want for your quilting projects. I'm sure I can help out. Also received a lot of fabric samples from a decorator. Ann