Sunday, September 22, 2013

Working on college boys's clothes

 With our new arrangement, I have had a chance to mend college boy's clothes. Pictured above is part of the cut off, frayed from being walked on by boots, edge of a pair of jeans. The "good" material was salvaged and placed in my jean scrap bag for future mending.
 A new hem, nice and neat.
 I also unearthed a pair of cargo shorts, minus the button and having a huge hole where the button should have been. These needed some help.
 I grabbed the remaining piece of washable wool, grey flannel pants that have been used in several projects such as draft dodgers. Good wool like this is saved. Perfect color, I cut a square out of it, avoiding any moth holes.
 I grabbed a needle, a new button, and one of my local church thrift shop finds: 25 cent spool of heavy, button thread-a great find.
Here is the patch over the torn where the button should be, section of the shorts. I sewed the button on top, and when closed, no one can tell that these were mended.

Looking good.

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Lily said...

Nice work!! :-) Around here we all tend to rip off our belt loops!! I may try your felt patch trick and see if I can't fix a few things!! Thanks for the idea!