Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What's been for dinner, Monday and Tuesday and signs of Fall

Fish on Monday supper: baked salmon fillets seasoned with lemon juice, black pepper, organic dill weed; baked potatoe with margarine, salt and pepper; steamed carrots and organic CSA broccoli
 Quick meal Tuesday: green salad of marked down, organic baby salad greens, the rest of some black olives, some home made, refrigerator pickles, part of an organic CSA cuke, a free from co worker tomato; last bag of dollar store tater tots and the main entree: home made chicken burgers, using 1 lb of ground meat from marked down @ 99 cents, 1 egg, 2 Chinese food take out packets of soy sauce, 1 pkt of mustard, black pepper, home made bread crumbs, 1 grated carrot, some organic CSA purple cabbage was shredded, 4 remaining mushrooms diced to bits. I served this with a home made sauce: the dregs of a bottle of spicy brown mustard (washed out with a bit of water), 2 pkts Chinese food sweet n sour sauce, 1 box pkt of Mc D's sweet n sour sauce, honey, more spicy brown mustard-all this was whisked together and offered up in a pretty, glass bowl.
A sign of Fall around here: the tea pot is being dragged out after supper. Currently, we are serving spiced apple, herbal tea.  Last night, it was an emergency measure as we had been out of fluid milk, tonight, I served milk to those who desired some, them offered tea for thirst quenching. : )

We have a stock pile of teas that need to be consumed this Winter. I gladly do so.


Anonymous said...

I am doing lasagna(already made and frozen and stuffed shells also made and frozen) for my sons birthday this weekend. Since we are big cake eaters the girls are making him a giant choc chip cookie.

I took a walk on the wild side and did buy salmon at aldis this wee for salmon cakes so we will see how it is

Joyful said...

It's wonderful to enjoy a good cup of tea and so I like the cooler weather too. Have a great week!