Sunday, September 1, 2013

Using what we have, but making careful choices

 I want to bake the kids (ok, I'll eat some, too) cookies, as we are down to a few Aldi's fig bars. I so rarely buy cookies, except for those. When packages of approx 12-18 dinky cookies hit $4 on average many years ago, I resolved to make 90% of them. So what kind of cookies would be best? I decided upon peanut butter as the recipe uses Crisco solid shortening vs butter/margarine and I could use some of the natural peanut butter that I only * paid $1.50 for. Kids aren't fans of it on sandwiches, but they eat it in cookies. Long gone are the days when I could get a full 18 oz jar (vs 16.3 or less now) of peanut butter for 99 cents at back to school time. Now if I can get that same size for $2 I am happy.
(a pan ready to be baked off)

So, using my KA mixer (due to my hand arthritis) I mixed up a quadruple batch of cookies, using a tad less sugar than the recipe calls for, the gifted to me self rising flour. I will let these cool off and then store them in tins.

Ended up with 7 dozen, good sized cookies. Wonder how long they will last!


Rhonda said...

They look delicious. I don't expect they will last long enough.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmm I wonder how long it would take to ship them to philly

Linda said...

That's the same Smucker's pb that I use. How did you get it for $1.50? I forced myself to learn to love the texture, but I can imagine that kids would not like it.

CTMOM said...

Clearance rack plus coupon. : )