Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today's shopping

I unexpectedly have the youngest with me this weekend so, I had to squeeze in my errands. One kidlet had to go to the city, so after taking DD to work, we drove over to WM looking to buy Greek yogurt, which they were out of. I settled for their version of low fat vanilla.  Next, I stopped in at Xpect with a return for DD. Done.

Next stop was Aldi's where I got chocolate sauce, coffee, cocoa

 bad photo: 2 English muffins, 2 pkgs of bagels
 gallon of milk, qt 1/2 & 1/2, 4 fzn oj, 1 neufchatel cheese, a tub of pumpkin spice cream cheese
10 lbs all purpose potatoes, a 5 lb bag of Russets

It was then time to take kidlet where he needed to go, so items were placed in a cooler, and off we went. On the way back, I stopped in at Dollar Tree:

 I came across these 20 oz shampoo and conditioners from Salon Selectives. Worth trying
 More packets of instant oatmeal, 1 sweet potatoe fries, a pkg of buns for lunch, 4 qts of beef stok, 4 chocolate bars from Poland, and a new find: 3 count aeseptic boxes of 1/2 & 1/2-perfect for when we run out, or are out of power. Never saw them sold like this. Good find.

2 pkgs of fzn onion rings. Hoped to get tater tots, they were out.

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