Sunday, September 29, 2013

Today's errands

 After breakfast this morning, DD and I headed out early, in order to use a coupon for Blue Jay orchards that expires tomorrow. We picked Ida Reds, one of my favorite apples. Afterwards, we headed over to the bakery/gift shop and picked up our free half gallon of cider, thanks to the coupon. : ) That is today's freebie.
 Next stop: CVS to pick up a RX for DD. One plus for having already maxed out our HSA deductible is that our medical bills, including RX's are now paid in full. Another freebie! I also took advantage of some great deals, using reward bucks (think that is what they are called) and some manufacturer coupons. I got the above for $13.73 out the door, saving $12 with coupons. Nice stock up items. The DD coffee, for example, is on sale for $5.99. Having applied my $4 rewards bucks, this was $1.99 for me. : )
 Next: the pricey IGA where we stopped just for the specials: Adam's reserve Cheddar $3.99/lb, noodles were BOGO and I had $1 off cpn, eye of the round roasts were on sale @ $2.69/lb.
Shocker: we actually went to the Mall! I can't remember the last time I went there, easily over a year. Typically, when I do go, I have a set destination, go to that store and out I go! Today's mission was to take advantage of a freebie thong offer (set aside for a Christmas gift). I also did get 1 pair of panties to try as the brand I wore for years no longer makes the style I prefer. So a splurge. If I decide that I do like these, I will wait until a Fall or Winter sale and get more. Meanwhile, I am literally wearing out and tossing out as needed, my old ones.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Those Victoria's secret coupons are great and if you redeem them regularly, they keep coming. DD gets one in her name and one in DGD's name, and when we shop together we will each go in for our "free" ones. They all go to DGD because DD and I like another brand better--but we save them up and tuck them into her Christmas stocking, and usually have several pair by then. The regular price is $7.50 per pair on the style she likes--which she wouldn't get many of if it were up to us to buy them!