Monday, September 2, 2013

This sultry weather, and food waste : (

In preparation for the upcoming work/school week, I've gone through the fridge, the bread basket, fruit bowl and culled some spoiled food. Bad food = wasted $, something I can ill afford now, if ever. Sigh. This humid weather certainly isn't helping my cause either.

So, moldy bread was tossed out to the birds, and I set about addressing other about to expire items:

-an almost whole loaf of homemade, honey wheat bread was presliced and moved to refrigeration storage
-some whole wheat rolls that have been lingering are now set out to dry out, before being whirled in the food processor for bread crumbs

I then set about selecting some recipes:

Baking #1 : banana bread
 I'm down to my last 11 eggs, so as a means to stretching them, I am turning to my stored soy flour. 1 Tbsp soy flour plus 1 Tbsp water=1 egg for baking purposes. I am obviously seeking to use up these freckled bananas. I am also turning to stick margarine vs butter for cost savings, using gifted to me self rising flour, and the reserved sugar used to criss cross the cookies I baked last night. While there may be a minute crumb or 2 in amongst the sugar, it certainly won't be noticed. With the price of sugar, I am very mindful of waste, and as I did today, I usually reduce the amount called for in baking.
2 banana breads now cooling off -great for either breakfast or a snack.

Baking #2 Chocolate zucchini muffins

Succession baking saves energy, therefor saves money. I had preshredded this organic zucchini, and never got around to using it. It had to go.

Once again, gifted to me SR flour was called into service, as was the soy flour, in order to save my eggs  this week. Note the abundance of private, store label brands.

Here are the chocolate zuke muffins getting pulled out of the oven. Didn't rise as they usually do, so these will seem more brownie like in texture when eaten. For someone looking to satisfy a chocolate craving, these should do the trick!

Baking # 3 Old fashioned bread pudding

2 lurking, white flour hamburger buns (store bought), the heels of a loaf of honey-wheat homemade bread, one ww roll were cubed up and are now in the mixing bowl, drying out a bit. Out of milk, but not an issue, as I often turn to reconstituted, dry milk in baking/cooking as a cost savings measure.

So, all in all, a good session this morning. Need to get started on lunch soon-it's a pick your leftover kind of an affair as it's gotta go! Nice fish dinner on the menu for tonight.

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