Sunday, September 15, 2013

Taking care of things

Here is just some of the laundry that I took care of this weekend, hanging out clothes in the early morning, transferring them inside if still damp and allowing to finish drying over night on either the clothes horses or hanging on hangers from the curtain rods that divide the living room from the dining room and the porch/office turned into DD's room. Long story short, as of this past Friday, college boy and I have an arrangement where he delivers me his laundry. I don't mind doing it, it makes things easier for him. I was able to cull through and toss some beyond help/wear socks and some jeans that need mending, which I hope to accomplish this afternoon, before he comes over for supper and to collect his basket of clothes. This past Christmas, he and DD stated that they both had too many socks, and to please not gift them any for the upcoming holiday; I complied with the requests. So, less in DS # 1's drawers, hopefully he feels that he still has plenty to wear, otherwise, socks are on the Christmas list again! : )

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