Sunday, September 22, 2013

Take care of what you've got: household goods

 This is one of what I call "my fancy rags"-a former dishtowel, cut in 1/2 for a rag, then folded in half and sewn together. It is now littered with holes.
 Folded it in against itself one last time, sewn all around to seal the 2 sides together, then sewn like quilting on the diagonal, in an effort to secure the worst areas. I used it tonight, it works fine. Once this shreds again, I am afraid that it will get tossed. I do use stuff up.
 2 fraying bath towels were in the mending pile. Now trimmed and sewn along the edge, they are back in service.
 looking good!

 2 corners of a bottom sheet for my bed were unstitched, just a few minutes is all it took to repair them
An easy fix, so this is back in service.
I even fixed a torn edge (a seam) of kidlet's lunch bag. I have been trying to find a replacement bag since this Summer, with no luck. This one has to keep going.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Finally I have found someone who sews towels like I do! When mine start to fray, I trim the threads away and overstitch the edges on the machine, doing both sides the full length of the towel. It's really surprising how much longer they last once this is done. I do the same with washcloths, although they tend to wear out sooner than towels nevertheless. When Mom still came every other weekend (she's in assisted living now) she always insisted on a "worn out" wash rag. If I accidentally put a better one in her room, she would swap it out in the linen closet and get a softer one!
I do a lot of similar small mending jobs and it greatly prolongs the usefulness of items. I am now using medium gray thread for jeans (except for really dark wash jeans) because it blends in better than navy blue. I will zig zag in both directions over a patch and don't mind wearing the patched jeans at home for cleaning and cooking in. And once they do wear out, they become the patches for the next few pair! I often save the inch or two of fabric cut off the bottom of my clothes (I'm 5
feet exactly) and use it to re-inforce some little rip or tear much as you did with the gray wool. Also have used scraps like that when husband puts up twine for morning glories to climb on--need to make them stand out with little "flags" so visitors don't walk into the twine without seeing it before the plants get bigger!