Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday supper: a mini Thanksgiving

We eat turkey year round, not just for Thanksgiving, so this "mini Thanksgiving" isn't an unusual choice on my menus. : )

Tonight's supper takes advantage of several deals: turkey breast from Target of all places, home made cranberry sauce using end of season clearanced cranberries, a marked down box of stuffing mix from Aldi's-another end of season clearance item. The turkey comes with a gravy packet which is convenient, I'll also make some vegetable sides, yet to be determined, but I am initially thinking peas and mashed potatoes.

 I recently unearthed this chicken neck in my fridge freezer so it'll cook alongside the turkey breast, adding to the stock. Good to use it up.
Here they are together, rinsed and simply seasoned with Mrs Dash table blend and some additional black pepper. Done.

This dinner will also provide some planned over meals this upcoming week, homemade turkey stock, sandwich fillings.


Anonymous said...

We love turkey year round too.

sylvia welzbacker said...

This are very good, and on sale for 99 cents a # you cannot go wrong. I try to get 3 or 4 to last till they have them again at holiday time.