Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shopping for wardobe basics

 Since DD and I were close to the city, we did some shopping, and I left with some wardrobe basics. More clearance priced underwear at the discount grocer's, and 2 pkg of low cut socks for the twins. I've been tossing both a lot of my older underthings, as well as their (and my socks). These are items that are simply worn out.
 On my list for shopping this Fall are replacement bras. I did end up with 6 Olga bras, a brand that I prefer. I chose white, ecru and a medium tan. While I only* paid $13 each, I do take care of these, and never ever machine dry them (not that much is machine dried in this home).
 A new, Italian leather, brownish-black, cross body style purse. My current one is a thrift shop find, it is wearing in places. Still looks decent but has a limited life (for work anyway). I am keeping the new one in the closet to replace my current one, once I've deemed that it is no longer suitable for work/worn out. $50-my price range.
Of late, I have feared that I may have bunions developing. Sigh. Good, supportive shoes in black leather were on the list. I chanced upon a pair of Clarks Mary Janes (to the right) $39.99 as well as a pair of Bjorn black loafers $24.99.

Small improvements to my (and the twins) wardrobes, but not really noticeable as these are simply wardrobe basics or essentials.  I do still need some replacement, dress pants. Having lost weight last year, I was lucky that I had held on to a previous size, that I was able to get back into. These pants were old to start out with, and are showing their age. While I am far from a fashion diva, I do like to "look decent" with mix/match, preferably season less items that are wash and wear/low maintenance.

I did put these items onto my CC, but knowing that I will be paid Friday, and that I have monies set aside monthly for clothing, which I really haven't used much of this past year, I am ok with investing in some essentials.


Frugal Queen said...

You pay so little for shoes and clothes - those same shoes are £65 here

CTMOM said...

Froogs, I do shop second hand shops and when I do shop retail, I aim for the discount shops such as tJMaxx, Marshalls, etc. The Clarks were originally tagged @ $80, the Bjorn's were tagged @ $54 I believe. Bras were $22. Clearanced underwear was $18, socks? not sure. Discount shops are a great way to make clothing and some household needs much more affordable. What I don't have to spend in those (as well as other) areas, free up monies towards my next home. : )