Sunday, September 15, 2013

September goals

September goals . . September means a new school year, a new start. The past 2 weeks have been a haze-getting re-adjusted to the school/work routine, settling into a schedule, adjustments. Striving to make it until mid month, when I finally start collecting a paycheck again. New check in hand, I have reviewed my monthly budget, tweaked a few things, put stars next to others that will need tweaking, if possible. I reflect upon what worked/what didn't this past year, and where I want this new year to go. In a nutshell, we are staying true to the course. Weatherization and comfort reign high, as does keeping expenses in check so as to maximize savings. Emergency fund, paying myself back for paying off the auto loan early, future home savings are all priorities. Maintaining what we have, replacing as needed are also perpetual goals.

1-get tires rotated this week (free at location where tires were purchased)
2-get car washed this week (discounted as I use gift vouchers I purchased at a reduced rate)
3-start amassing deadfall twigs for Fall/Winter fires (free)
4-get wood stove cleaned out/chimney swept (get quotes)
5-cull thru Summer clothes, donate what we no longer want (free and get a tax slip)
6-cull thru Fall/Winter clothes and do the same (ditto)
7-cull thru cookbooks, kid's books-donate(ditto)
8-eat down the pantry and freezer (keeps grocery expense down)
9-create lists for Christmas (it'll be a practical one on a budget)
10-arrange to have 6 ml poly put up on windows (costly but necessary)
11-put up 6 ml poly on doors myself (free, supplies on hand are being reused -except for tape)
12-store picnic umbrella table, Adirondack chairs, plastic deck chairs, gas grill (free)
13-painting projects: bird feeder; dumbwaiter table; bathroom shelf (supplies on hand, were low cost)
14-interview snow plow service (fired last year's)
15-put up insulating drapes in bedroom (mine or twins)-bought those new at Salvation Army for a song! and already on hand
16-install draft dodgers
17-make more draft dodgers (free using materials on hand)
18-put up room dividing flannel curtains to keep drafts from dining room/former office L shaped porch from infiltrating kitchen and living room, also hang up flannel curtain in front kitchen entry by main door entry (free-already made last year)
19-put kitchen rug back under table for warmth (paid for last year)


The domestic Groove said...

I just want you to know that you are such an inspiration to me. I am impressed with how you are able to accomplish so much while saving money. I have always been quite thrifty, but have still learned many new things from you. For example, I remember my grandmother skimming and saving fat for future use, but forgot about it and always threw mine away until I read your posts.
I am also a teacher and I think we are very resourceful people. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

We have been doing our fall cleaning and have the outsides of the windows and just a few insides left. We have to have a ladder for the outside and hubby will take care of them.

I think we are as redy as we will I haven't gone through daughter's summer clothes yet because we are still having 80 degree days, but she and I have talked about it twice now so it is on the horizon.