Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday soup

 Today's soup inspiration: 2 quarts of homemade turkey stock out of the freezer, 2 pkgs of marked down, Italian dried mushroom tortellini
 Remove fat from top layer of stock. Use to fry off a mire poix (carrot, celery, onion) until barely tender.
 Meanwhile, chop some fresh parsley and set aside.
 Add 2 containers of stock, along with 2 containers worth of water to the soup pot
 Bring to a boil
 Season with black pepper and chicken bouillon instead of plain salt.
 Add the dried tortellini
 let cook 15 minutes, stirring upon occassion

Top with fresh parsley, and serve.

Delicious! I served 4, college boy took 2 serving containers back with him to a house sitting job he has this weekend, 2 containers went into the freezer for work. All this cost me less than $3 total to make. Sure beats the price of Progresso and other soups at the store.


Anonymous said...

I love this. It makes me so happy when I figure out the costs of the meals and realize that I am able to do a meal with left overs for pennies on the dollar per person.

I am making ham soup and chicken soup tomorrow since I have three ham bones(been in the freezer for ever) and the two chicken carcasses from this weeks chicken. I managed to get marked down celery and carrots today at the market(majorly marked down). All of that will be frozen into one or two meal sizes and the rest go into containers for lunches or dinners

DW said...

That looks wonderful! Will have to remember that the next time I see tortellini at a good price!

sylvia welzbacker said...

This looks yummy. i love tortellini.