Saturday, September 28, 2013

Salvation Army finds

 I was literally driving right by, so I stopped in at Salvation Army today. The light from my camera seems to have bleached out the image, but this is a thick, deep navy blue, twin size, wool blanket that I bought for 99 cents. I also came across a German nutmeg grater-mine is over 25 years old and needs replacing. 49 cents. Perfect.
 I also scored some new/like new things for college boy: an American Eagle grey T, a black with "wired" on it T, a pair of Nautica flannel sleep pants. T's were 99 cents, the sleep pants $3.99. Might set these aside for Christmas.
 I also found a good, basic top for me. $3.99
Ann Taylor Loft, nice!

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Excellent finds, especially the blanket and brand name clothes. I was on the selling end today---our little town has a problem with feral cats and we've started a group and fundraising for getting the cats neutered, spayed and vaccinated! We had a yard sale today on only about a week's notice and had a good selection of goods to sell. Haven't seen the total take as yet, but I hope it was good. The Buffalo Humane Society is guiding us and at last count we had trapped 26 adult cats and 8 kittens. The kittens will be fostered until they get bigger--more traps are set for tonight, with tomorrow for the first batch to come back from surgery and the next group to go. Pretty exciting stuff in our little town. We're hoping for an end to reproduction and funds will be raised to feed our "sterile colony" so the burden doesn't fall on the few people who have been feeding.