Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Planning ahead for Thursday: cooking beans

 Tomorrow is another crazy schedule kind of a day. So, planning ahead, I've dug out a lb of organic beef that I bought on marked down @ Aldi's, as well as a can of Aldi's Mexicorn, also a marked down deal @ 39 cents (or close to that) a can.

I also have a cup's worth of dried pintos simmering away, as the beef will be stretch with the beans in order to make tacos on Thursday. I have plenty of organic CSA tomatoes on hand, some lettuce, home made and canned taco sauce, blocks of cheese that I will hand shred. 

A quick and simple meal for a busy night; planning ahead helps us to continue to eat well, and healthfully and to stay away from the take out, which we can't afford financially or medically. 

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Anonymous said...

That sounds great. We had spaghetti sauce from our home caned over spaghetti squash tonight...with all but the squash being food storage items. Tomorrow night it will be homemade corned beef hash using pantry supplies, too.