Saturday, September 7, 2013

Out and about today

Just a busy Saturday, running around with DD. First stop, DMV, then on to Dollar tree:

 I grabbed a LA totally awesome dish soap to try (the other brand sold at DT, I've tried, found it runny, so won't buy again), a box of Sun dish washer detergent, a box of generic "Brillo pads," and something I hadn't spotted before: a bottle of liquid gel dish washer detergent to try.
 Multiple sheets of Halloween stickers for school
4, 6 ct made in WI boxes of variety pack, flavored oatmeal packets; 2 pkgs of swirly gummi bears for the twins. Totals: $5.08 for school (will file as a deduction in taxes) and $13.81 in groceries
Next: Aldi's

2 pkgs bagles, a tub of pumpkin spice soft cream cheese, 3 3 ct pkgs gum, pork bfst sausages, "pam" spray, 2 fzn OJ, 2 lbs CA grapes, 4 lbs CA oranges.
Total: $19.76

Next: Home Depot

Finally picked up the paint I will use for an upcoming refurbishing project.
total: $17.63 including a new, 35 cents/can state fee for paint care

Next: CVS

I bought a styling brush (I had recently bought a replacement one at Dt-it pulls on my hair, so no go!) to replace my approx 10 y.o. one that is falling apart. While there, we also picked up a RX for DD, since we've met our deductible for the year, it was FREE!
medical: $0
personal care: $13.28

Then we returned home, made sandwiches and headed out again, this time to Penzeys:

Celery seed, double strength vanilla extract, ground ginger, orange peel, whole nutmegs were on my list. I also took advantage of 2 freebie coupons (and saw many other customers with the newer coupon!) and got a reg size jar of taco seasoning, a small jar of BBQ 3001.
total: $54.71

Hit the bank on the way back for DD to make a deposit, and returned home. Got a lot off of the bucket list. Best part? We paid in CASH, as more reimbursements have come in. Checking account remains untouched, nothing added to the CC.

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