Sunday, September 22, 2013

Old faithful

 This is the sewing machine that my Mom bought for herself back in 1958, used. I was given it sometime in the 1970's. It's a great machine that I usually turn to when doing heavier sewing, such as the jeans that I struggled with while using my Freecycle to me zigzag machine. Having more denim to work on, I literally dragged this out of a storage closet. It now resides in front of the front window in my bedroom.
 This morning, I noted a hole in my flannel nightie. I prefer to mend immediately as if left alone, the tear/hole will only grow bigger and bigger. I dug a piece of cut up flannel nightie out of my rag bag. Perfect.
 I actually found a second hole so two patched were made on the underside of the nightie.
 I then top stitched over the worn areas. Perfect. While I only paid $3 for this all cotton, Lanz nightgown, it's one of my better ones and still quite thick and warm. I need to get a few more years wear out of it.
 I then turned to my ever increasing mending pile, including an undershirt with a hole. It's my thing, but I refuse to wear or let my kids wear clothes with holes in them. A minute with a sock egg and a needle and thread and it's done.
 Good as new.
 A fairly new T that I bough this past Spring, whose hem was coming all undone, even though it had double stitching. A designer label, doesn't mean that it is necessarily well made. : (  A minute with the sewing machine, and I top stitched with white thread right over the existing hem. Done.

 The back edge of some knit boxers was resewn to the elastic
 Seam came undone on a pair of woven boxers
 good as new
 Terribly ripped knit tank belonging to DD. Somehow, the arm hole got caught around the agitator of the washer and it was ripped.
 A seam took care of that. DD wears this one either to bed or under a sweater, although this is located under the arm, next to the side seam
a rip along the seam as well as a tear in a pair of DD's knit yoga style pants. now sewn shut, they are good to go.
 Skirt hook closure on a pair of dress pants is undone on one of the 3 sides. Time to address that and get these pants back into the closet. I am down to so few pants (really need to buy more) and am making do with these perhaps 5 or 6 year old pants.
One minute later, and the skirt hook is once again, firmly secured to the waistband.

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