Sunday, September 15, 2013

October menus

Mid month already, time to plan out October's dinner menus, using foods on hand, to limit what MUST be purchased to accomplish the menus.

1-planned over: frozen arroz con pollo, green salad
3-tuna (use canned ck lite)cakes served with homemade tartar sauce; buttered, Parmesan topped, tri color noodles, green and waxed beans
5-dried tortellini soup (make broth), crackers
6-roast chicken (fzn), rice (cook extra for Tues), cranberry sauce, beets
7-broiled salmon (fzn)with lemon and dill, planned over rice, peas (fzn) and carrots
8-planned over: creamed chicken over egg noodles, green beans
10-creamed salmon (use canned pink) over boiled potatoes, fzn peas
12-planned over: chicken noodle soup
13-pork chops (fzn), stuffing in CP bake; apple sauce, fzn brussel sprouts in butter sauce, additional vegetable
14-baked chicken drums (fzn), buttered broken up garden colored fettuccini, veg to be determined
15-crab (canned) quiche, salad
17-CP meatballs (fzn), in marinara over spaghetti, fzn broccoli
18-home made pizza, salad
19-lentil-(fzn) ham soup
20-roast turkey breast (fzn), gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, veg to be determined
21-horseradish encrusted tilapia (fzn), oven fries, veg to be detemined
22-planned over: turkey tacos (use soft tortillas), Mexicorn
24-dried tortellini with marinara sauce, 3 bean salad
26-planned over: turkey-rice soup
27-beef stew (fzn meat), biscuits
28-planned over: turkey-black bean enchilladas; salad
29-lazy golumbki casserole (fzn beef), salad
31-CP beef-pinto chilli, Southern style buttermilk corn bread

Many of my vegetables are to be determined, based upon what my CSA includes. The program is slated to end on Oct 20th. Hoping to add some Winter squashes to the above, along with some greens.

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Anonymous said...

Yum! We are continuing to work on eating things down. I am hoping we will only need eggs this week and I intend to buy apples for making applesauce.