Sunday, September 22, 2013

Now it's my turn-fixing pants

 This past Spring, I bought 2 identical pairs of jeans. Same brand, style, size etc. One pair, however, was significantly longer. Mismarked I guess. So they sat-until today. Since I had dragged my old reliable sewing machine out, there was no longer an excuse. I measured my long enough jeans over the too long ones to see just how much needed to be trimmed off.
 I turned the edge under and stitched, then again, stitching thru the now doubled over layers. Perfect. I now have TWO pairs of jeans. My old jeans got to be too big, and were donated. I spent the Summer in elastic/drawstring capris. Weather is cooler, I needed jeans. Check that off of my list.
 I also had a pair of gray dress pants for work. Similar scenario:I bought multiple pairs of pants (same style, color etc) and this particular pair were always too long to be worn with flats, so I had to wear heels. Time to cut these down as well. First, I needed to gather supplies. Grey thread on deck, I found an ecru seam lace that would work fine. No need to go out and buy grey just for this job. The seam lace was inherited as well. Not sure if the label can be read, but the styrofoam spool of thread hails from Grant's Dept store-one of my vintage, most likely inherited threads. Good to use, if not use it up. Other sewing today found me using up wooden spools of thread.
After trimming the excess off, I machine sewed the ecru seam lace. Next, I need to pin the pants up, iron and then hand sew an invisible seam. Good task to do in bed, while listening to the news some night this week.

I still need pants, but adding these into my current rotation certainly helps. Great that it was at no additional expenditure.

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Linda said...

I wish my daughter would learn to hem her pants! She pays someone, and I am just too far away to help out. I need to go to NY and take my g-daughter a sewing machine and teach her to sew, at least hem pants since hers have to be hemmed also. When my daughter was married, her husband did the pants hemming. He used rather unorthodox sewing methods, but it all looked okay on the right side.