Saturday, September 28, 2013

My trip to Shoprite

I took care of multiple errands today, including a trip to Shoprite, who was holding some great sales this week.

 First up: some items for CHRISTMAS-yes, I have officially started shopping for the upcoming madness holiday, taking advantage of sales plus coupons to do so. Kids stockings  will contain the items pictured. The chocolates will be divided up, placing just a few in each stocking as a little treat.
 Dairy: 8 individual Greek yogurts for the twin's breakfasts help to ensure adequate protein for the morning. Again-sale plus coupon. 88 cent blocks of Neufchatel cheese (DD is already talking about making a cheesecake, which is her specalty), buttermilk and vanilla low fat yogurt-store brands; coupon offer on the OJ, sale plus coupon on ice cream.
 Meat: 2 tubs of Butterball turkey breast (sale plus cpn), a lb of Deli sliced store label turkey breast @ $4.99 w/ coupon (a slight splurge), a 1/2 lb of P & P, an end piece of roast beef (with enough for several sandwiches, perhaps a soup/casserole-I haven't decided yet; a 1/3 of  a lb of corned beef that is intended for a breakfast corned beef hash in the morning for DD and myself with a side of eggs; multiple pkgs of marked down cheese ends: this week's offerings include a piece of Munster, and multiple pieces of Provolone, which I will grate and freeze for upcoming pizza, pasta bakes. We are set for Thanksgiving: they had fzn hotel style turkey breasts on sale @ 99/lb, limit one. We often have turkey, and I do still have another turkey breast, also purchased @ 99/lb but from Target of all places, in the upright freezer. Good deal.
 Pantry supplies: this past month really took a hit in the pantry department. My bags of recycling bore witness to that as well. Time to replenish, when deals are found. 4 jars peanut butter @ $1.88, 3 cans Golden mushroom soup, which I prefer for Crock Pot pot roast (sale plus con); a bottle of Pom-Mango juice-coupon, 4 lbs sugar (coupon deal), a can of organic kidney beans (coupon), 4 cans albacore tuna @ 99, 3 cans healthy version Clam chowder (coupon), 4 cans tomato soup (sale plus coupon), 8 boxes pasta-sale @ 88 cents, large box instant brown rice (sale and cpn), 2 cake mixes (coupon)
 Personal care/cleaning products aka "the taxables":  2 multi packs of soap (sale plus coupons), 2 bottles dish soap (sale plus cpn), 2 tubes toothpaste (sale plus cpn), 2 boxes tampons (sale plus cpn)
 Produce: pears @ 99/lb, cauliflower $1.49 w/ coupon (went right into tonight's soup), celery, organic carrots (coupon offer), parsnips, organic Romaine hearts (coupon), marked down bananas @ 49/lb
Personal care: large refill pack of wipes, sale plus coupon. I get reimbursed for these, but it's good still to keep expenditure down, if possible.

I spent $151.93 cash, saved $26 in coupons. Nice savings, the fridge, freezer and pantry as well as kitchen cupboards are quite happy.

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