Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Winterization going on

 This afternoon, I removed my lace curtain panels that were in my bedroom, and placed the $4.99 plus tax, insulating curtains that I found brand new in package (someone else paid $35 before donating them)at the Salvation Army. First pair perfectly fit my wide, front window. I will have to pin the middle shut, however. My other curtains like this, have velcro panels to stick the 2 pieces together. No issue.

My very wide, back window is a bay window. I placed the 2 longer panels there, and knew that I'd have to buy another set. Since I paid so little for the others, it's not a problem. I will return to Home Depot this weekend for them. White on cream walls is boring, but I don't care too much. More important that I stay warm come Winter.

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