Sunday, September 1, 2013

More high humidity, and the forecast for the next few days

 Every morning, I check on the state of clothes that are set out on clothes horses to dry indoors or on hangers to dry. I rarely iron as a result,  as hanging seems to do the trick. Shown are the colored clothes that still seemed a bit damp, leftover from yesterday's round of wash. In the middle and right side racks, are the white clothes, since Sunday is when I do the once a week white load.
Again hanging between the LR and porch turned DD's room, are the T shirts, and sleeveless under shirts, along with 2 of my nighties.  With the ceiling fan blowing, these all should be dry come morning. I've already culled some dry items and have them folded on the couch. Twins are due home soon, their task is to deliver folded laundry to the correct locations.

Looks like this scene will repeat itself for several days to come, as the forecast is again for high humidity, thunder storms the next few days, and  possibly into next week. I have several painting jobs I'd like to start, but can't with this dampness. So, we will soldier on, drying clothes inside but not in the dryer as I want the bills to be as low as possible.

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