Sunday, September 29, 2013

More College Boy mending

 College boy didn't drop off his laundry until Saturday, so I was a bit late getting a jump on it, and culling any mending that needed my attention. Yet another pair of chewed up jeans from boots walking on them and several socks with holes.
 Darned the socks, using some of my 1970's orange thread, a color I'd normally not make anything out of. Here are the jeans with a nice, neat hem. I salvaged what I could of the torn up hems that I cut off. The discards are being saved in my "scrap box" to use as filling for some more draft dodgers that I plan on making.
 I was able to make a patch out of some of the saved denim and patch a hole on the side of the jeans.
 Black jeans are developing a hole (see end of scissors). This needs attention before it becomes worse.
I once again used some of the old, gray flannel dress pants that I have been using for repairing dark colored clothes.

So, this week's wash and mending is taken care of. A Christmas list of needs is being developed as well.

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