Thursday, September 5, 2013

Making meatballs

I am definitely in plan ahead mode: taking advantage of the day off, I made a batch of 54 Italian meatballs for the freezer.
 Filling the freezer today, but some was left out for the meatballs.
 First step: the breading mixture: egg, instant milk, water, spices, home made bread/cracker crumbs, home grated Parmesan. Mix well and let it set a bit.
 Add ground meat (using beef today, often it's poultry) and Italian sausage meat (again often poultry, today, it's pork). Mix just until blended, do not over work.
 Shape into meatballs and place on baking sheet. Bake @ 350 F 40 minutes.
Drain fat on folded, repurposed flour bag. Next up: divide into meal sized portions and bag for the freezer.

6 meals worth of meatballs. Nice.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

What good mileage you got out of your windfall reimbursement today! The ground beef especially was a deal; I used to make meatballs for the freezer when I was still working--sometimes DD would help me and we would split them. Makes it seems like less work then. Now I usually only make up 3/4 lb of beef at a time, which is almost 2 meals worth of meatballs for the two of us--at least one dinner and one lunch for two. I dislike making meatballs at times so a small amount isn't bad.
We had our dollar doubler coupons a couple weeks ago--but I bought the Tampon special with $1 off coupon today and put them away for DGD in college. I KNOW she doesn't always have coupons, so I buy some of the toiletries and household products on sale and make a Christmas box of them. Makes me feel she's getting full advantage of the sales when I buy them and use them as a gift as well.